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IOM CREST contact points in Bangladesh, Hong Kong SAR China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam can support stakeholders understand the risks of modern slavery to which migrant workers are exposed and how to work with IOM to address them. 

Our services

Migration is multi-dimensional and cuts across legal, sociocultural, economic, and humanitarian spheres. Partnering with CREST can ensure interventions that provide holistic responses to global, cross-sectoral challenges.

  • Labour supply chain mappings and migrant worker vulnerability assessments
  • Training courses for business including lead firms, suppliers, auditors and labour recruiters
  • Development of remediation guidelines and mechanisms
  • Provision of services to migrant workers

Why partner with CREST?

Partnering with CREST means leveraging all the benefits and networks of IOM as the UN Migration Agency, with over 65 years of experience.

  • A global footprint: with offices in 150 countries, IOM has established long-term relations with governments across the world
  • Technical expertise and local knowledge: highly decentralized, IOM remains flexible and cost effective, sustaining local knowledge and access to communities
  • Access to high-level platforms for partnerships: partnering with IOM can give access to the UN and other multi-stakeholder platforms and joint speaking opportunities

CREST offers:

  • Project management capacity across multiple countries in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Practical interventions with ongoing strategic support
  • Customized methodologies, tools and services based on good practice
  • Opportunities to drive collective action through industry-wide approaches, good practices and tool dissemination 

What do partnerships look like?

Partnerships with CREST can take many different forms. Ultimately, CREST aims to provide strategic, practical solutions that are tailored to business in a way that supports longer-term sustainable change through IOM’s wider structure as an inter-governmental, UN agency. By jointly discussing a company's goals and challenges, CREST is able to identify practical intervention points that guide the development of a partnership.

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