Working Together to End Migrant Worker Exploitation

Date: Mar 13, 2019
Location(s): Ho Chi Minh City

IOM has released a Theory of Change (TOC) study on ending exploitation of migrant workers. 

IOM Training Programme Will Equip Businesses to Address Risks of Modern Slavery

Date: Mar 01, 2019
Location(s): Ho Chi Minh City

Forced labour is pervasive throughout labour supply chains, and across industries and geographies. Yet it is often hidden in plain sight.

CREST Fashion: IOM is partnering with the fashion industry to eliminate slavery and trafficking

Date: Feb 26, 2019
Location(s): Bangkok

Recognizing the high exposure of migrant workers to industry-specific risks, IOM implements CREST Fashion, intervening more specifically in Asia’s apparel and home textile supply chains.

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