Indian Private Recruitment Agencies Receive Ethical Recruitment Training on IRIS Certification

Date: Dec 14, 2020
Location(s): Mumbai

Mumbai – Thirty-eight Indian private recruitment agencies recently received Introductory Training on the International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS) certification to promote ethical recruitment practices.  A total of 53 representatives from the 38 agencies, attended the two training sessions (25-28 November 2020) co-hosted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Indian Personnel Export Promotion Council (IPEPCIL).

“As migrant workers in India, be they inter-state or outgoing migrants, continue facing risks of exploitation during the recruitment and employment stages, familiarizing recruiters with the principles of ethical recruitment is key to drive systemic change of the recruitment environment and increasing migrant protection. Especially as the world defines the COVID-19 ‘new normal’,” said Sanjay Awasthi, Head of Office at IOM India.

During the IRIS training, the participants learnt how to adapt their business models to adhere to ethical recruitment principles. The impact of unethical recruitment on increasing migrant workers’ vulnerabilities, including the risk of falling victim to forced labour, was also discussed. 

Joining the training as a visiting guest, Mr V. Raghavan, the Protector of Emigrants (II) from the Ministry of External Affairs stressed the importance of collective action to ensure decent recruitment and working conditions for all workers, including migrants.

“I did not know about the IRIS standard before though I have been in the recruitment business for the last 25 years. This training gave me an insight on what standards a recruiting agency should meet, how I can identify the gaps and limitations in my business and how I can improve my business," said one participant.

Another participant stated: "I liked the training and learnt a lot, even though I have been in this field for the last 22 years. This training helped me realize that there are various aspects missing in my firm." 

Asked about the benefits of the training, one participant added: “Knowledge of IRIS will help us maintain the high quality and standards in our recruitment business. It will help us build the company’s brand and industry reputation, meet the expectations of foreign employers and migrants, increase our competitiveness and create new business opportunities in this globetrotting era.”

In addition to building practical knowledge, the IRIS training set the ground for future actions and commitment among recruitment agencies to better respect migrant workers’ rights – in a country where inter-state and outgoing migrants are still exposed to human trafficking, forced labour and labour exploitation.

Recognizing the need to promote ethical recruitment for migrant workers within the apparel industry, IOM is implementing CREST Fashion. The project, supported by Laudes Foundation, seeks to enable actors along the supply chain to address risks of labour exploitation and abuse in their operations in Bangladesh, India and Thailand. 

Through its direct partnerships with companies in the fashion industry, IOM provides strategic and practical solutions tailored to partners’ needs and supports longer term sustainable change for the better protection of labour and human rights of migrant workers through ethical recruitment channels, transparent employment terms, and sustainable and inclusive supply chains. 

For more information please contact Amit Chowdhury at IOM - India. Tel:+91 9792940444, Email: [email protected]


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