International Recruitment Integrity System

The International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS) is a global initiative that is designed to promote ethical international recruitment.  It has been created by IOM and a coalition of partners from government, the private sector and civil society. IRIS is closely linked with the CREST framework.

In practical terms, IRIS is about identifying and supporting ethical labour recruiters by:

  • defining and setting a benchmark for ethical recruitment – ‘the IRIS Standard’;
  • establishing a voluntary certification process for international recruiters and a list of ‘certified ethical labour recruiters’, aimed at helping employers and workers make more informed decisions about recruitment; 
  • ensuring that the IRIS Standard is being maintained by certified recruiters through a monitoring and compliance mechanism.

The goal of IRIS is to transform the international recruitment industry to make it fair for workers, recruiters and employers. It does this by promoting the Employer Pays Principle, greater transparency within international recruitment, as well as the rights of migrant workers.

More About IRIS

Respect for Laws, and Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

Respect for Ethical and Professional Conduct

Prohibition of Recruitment Fees and Related Costs to Migrant Workers

Respect for Freedom of Movement

Respect for Transparency of Terms and Conditions of Employment

Respect for Confidentiality and Data Protection

Respect for Access to Remedy

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