The Challenge

According to the Global Estimates of Modern Slavery: Forced Labour and Forced Marriage 2017 study, published by ILO, IOM, and Walk Free Foundation), there are more than 40 million victims of modern slavery in the world. Many of these victims, approximately 16 million, are thought to be in situations of forced labour in the private sector. Women and girls account for an estimated 71% of all victims, and migrants are disproportionately vulnerable with an estimated 44% of all modern slavery victims having migrated either internally or across international borders. 




What is Modern Slavery?

What is Human Trafficking/ Trafficking in Persons (TiP)?

What is Forced Labour?

What is Debt Bondage?

Why are Migrant Workers more vulnerable?

How does Modern Slavery relate to other Forms of Labour Exploitation?

How does Modern Slavery interact with other Concepts such as Child Labour?

Why should Businesses take Action to address Modern Slavery?

What are the Compliance drivers for action?

What are the commercial arguments for taking action?

Who is a migrant?

What is the prevalence of migrant work?

Why do migrant workers migrate?

Why are Migrant Workers particularly vulnerable to Situations of Modern Slavery?

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