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Spotlight on Labour Migration in Asia

The report explores past, current and future trends of labour migration in Asia and emphasizes the importance of companies proactively seeking to understand migrant worker journeys across the breadth of their supply chains, including the risks of irregular or dangerous migration routes.  

While there are many diverse factors driving labour migration in Asia, this report’s focus is on select priority drivers in the region, shortlisted from a pool of relevant factors based on expert stakeholder engagement. The report draws on an in-depth analysis of available labour migration data, an expert interview programme, and an extensive review of current evidence on migration and labour market trends at the national, regional and global levels.

Key findings from the report suggest that governments in the region have taken important steps to improve migration governance, but more will be needed in the years ahead. Companies are encouraged to move beyond a minimalist labour rights perspective towards an effort to contribute to positive, safe and healthy migration experiences, including exploring issues such as positive integration into destination countries using community partnerships. 



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